Sanechips provides core chipsets and solutions for communication networks, including the wireless,FN,optical transport, switch,route,mobile data communication and terminal. Sanechips offers internal and external customers the one-stop Turnkey service covering from design to mass production. There are several organizations around the world. 


       IP Design
  Self-developing various types of communication IPs, including CPUs, multimedia IPs, and digital-analog mixed up a advanced IP platform. 


      SOC Architecture Design
  Provides various design capabilities, including feasibility, design automation, and interface standardization. Provides fast integration and development of SOC chips.


       Low Power Consumption Design
  Provides various technologies (including clock gating/power gating/DVFS/AVS) to lower power consumption.

       Encapsulation Design and Testing
  Provides WLCSP/FCBGA/SIP-centered high-dense encapsulation design capabilities.

  Tests and mass-produces chips for various ATEs.