Sanechips Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter abbreviated as “Sanechips”) was founded in 2003. With its focus on telecom technologies, Sanechips is committed to becoming a world-leading chip supplier. During over ten years of development, Sanechips has built highly-qualified R&D and management teams, attracted over 2000 R&D engineers, and established a number of R&D institutions around the world. By the end of of 2016, Sanechips has submitted over 3000 IC patents (including over 800 PCT patents). In 2017, Sanechips has generated CNY 6.6 billion in sales revenue, ranked third among IC design companies in China.


  Sanechips provides world-class IC design and verification technologies, advanced EDA platforms, as well as COT design service, and development processes and standards. As one of the industry-leading chip suppliers in China, Sanechips has developed over 100 types of proprietary chips. These chips have been successfully put into commercial use in “clouds, pipes, and terminals”, for example, communication networks, personal applications, smart homes, and industrial applications.


  In the future, Sanechips will base itself on pipes, expand terminals, and deploy big data, cloud, Internet of Things, and wearable device markets. Sanechips will devote itself to becoming a world-leading IC design company for “clouds, pipes, and terminals”. In addition, Sanechips will provide customers with more competitive “China Chip” solutions.


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